Nidus BioSciences is a spinout of the University of Rochester making “MicroBubble Arrays” (“MBA™s”) for applications in the $18B (2020) “biochips” market as well as other markets that leverage its unique patented (US8,753,880US9,346,197, and US9,457,497) “Gas Expansion Molding” (“GEM™”) manufacturing technology and the MBA™s Nidus makes using the GEM™ process.  Nidus’s technology is based on over $500,000 in non-dilutive grant funding, and targets a number of high-value commercial applications.

There are many applications for our MBA™s, not only based on our ability to reliably produce such large numbers of consistently dimensioned microbubbles with the patented GEM™ process, but also on the unique fluid-flow properties resulting from the bubble shapes.  Specifically, the shape of our microbubbles results in the contents being retained when the fluid outside the microbubble is circulating.  What this means in practice is that our microbubbles offer a superior environment for contents that are easily disturbed.  The illustration to the left shows one configuration for our arrays, in which arrays have been placed in three of the wells of a 6 well plate; the inset shows a detail of one of the arrays with cells settled on it.

Nidus is committed to the commercialization of its patented GEM™ and MBA™ technologies for advanced cell growth methods and analytics; for repetitive reaction situations; and, for integration into biochips.  Our goal is not simply commercial success, but rather to significantly contribute to and advance methods in these fields.