Andrew Scheinman is the CEO of Nidus and brings with him 3 decades of experience in biological research and technology commercialization.  Andrew originally trained as a ribosomologist and received his Ph.D. in this field; after doing postdoctoral work in molecular evolution and gene therapy/stem cell studies he then obtained a law degree and has combined this scientific and legal training to build companies and develop early technologies in a variety of fields, including particularly the biological sciences.  Andrew has worked both in the United States and in China, where he worked with the Chinese National Human Genome Center on fundamental SARS-related IP.

Andrew is extremely pleased to be a member of Nidus’s management, and is vigorously moving our company forward by targeted partnering for defined high-value commercial endpoints.


Lisa DeLouise is a co-founder of Nidus and the primary inventor of our MBA™ technology.  Lisa has 30 years experience in basic and applied research spanning the fields of chemical physics, material and biomedical science, first at the Xerox Corporation and then at the University of Rochester.   Lisa has focused her work on manipulating materials on the micro-, nano- and molecular-level scales to develop novel biomedical devices for diagnostic, therapeutic and investigative purposes.

Lisa and her laboratory are using our MBA™ technology for a variety of applications, including: sorting tumor initiating cells from heterogeneous cell samples; growing arrays of homogeneously sized microtumors; characterizing the epidermal-mesenchymal transition important in metastasis; assaying the clonogenic potential of samples enriched with cancer stem cells; studying drug resistance of multi-cellular tumor spheroids in a 3D perfusion culture system; and, investigating the effect of homo and heterotypic interaction on cancer cell function.